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  • July 22, 2016
We first met Vicki Anderson (L&D Manager) from Steinhoff Retail UK in 2014 at a trade show, exchanged cards, had a conversation and just clicked. We really felt we could add value to their business and loved their fresh and commercial approach to Learning & Development. It's great to meet and work with such an inspirational team who are totally focused on delivering a positive, value adding, learning environment.

Two years later, having supported them with some small projects, and we have just recorded 15 films for them at their amazing new Learning Store based in Bolton. A state of the art learning and development centre, designed for all new employees and Managers to learn the essential skills required to work in Harvey's and Bensons Beds. Featuring a mock shop, mock house, delivery area and excellent learning spaces, this whole environment has been created with the learner in mind. It's brilliant!

Having spent most of my life working in retail, there are very few companies I know that are this forward thinking, investing so heavily in ensuring all new starters, prior to going live on the shop floor, go through their 'Great Start' programme. Everyone will have a consistent induction into the business and learn the art of selling before going live with customers. For Managers, ted Learning is going to be supporting their 'Knowledge' programme - our 15 films all show best practice on how to deliver feedback and coach team members. We worked closely with Jackie Peake, Learning & Development Officer, to really understand what the business needed. In addition, we are providing actors every fortnight on a rolling basis to help Managers on their final day of their programme, practice giving feedback.

Managers will be given a cast study the night before, tasked with preparing for it and then the following day have a chance to practice with our actor (in character). We will then give feedback on how the Manager performed, what worked, and any developmental areas. My business partner, Clare Samuels (Creative Director of ted Learning) wrote the scripts along with the client and played 15 different managers on the day along with our actor Jerry Lindop playing 15 different staff members on the receiving end of the feedback. Scenarios ranged from poor performance, an unrealistic expectation of promotion, regular sickness, return to work interviews and not managing upwards effectively! From recording the scenarios yesterday, we will ensure a quick and cost effective turnaround for the client, delivering the completed product in just two weeks.

Once Managers have completed their scenario, they will then have the chance to watch the best practice video (featuring the same actor they have interacted with on the live session) on the Steinhoff Learning Store.

Jackie Peake "working with ted Learning has been great fun. They really partnered with us and challenged us on the scripts to make sure they were absolutely right" <>All of us at ted Learning are so passionate about adding value to learning, from providing experienced trainers, professionally trained actors (who can be part of a full learning offer or provided seperately to support your own L&D team) to video production as a way of embedding learning and supporting it long-term.
Justin Smith-Essex

About the Author:
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group Managing Director & one of the co-founders of Ted Learning. He is a very experienced trainer, facilitator and qualified teacher, having completed his PGCE Teaching Degree at the University of Greenwich. He specialises in designing and delivering training in customer service, equality and diversity, management fundamentals, team building & presentation skills.