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10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

  • June 16, 2017
Leadership can be defined the ability to get others to willingly follow you. Every organisation needs leaders at every level. At ted Learning we believe that Leaders are trained not born. Good leaders come in all shapes and sizes and they operate at every but despite differences in backgrounds and professions, there are qualities that all good leaders have in common. Here are ted's top 10 qualities that we believe make a Great Leader:

1 Stay positive, even in the most difficult situations.

Great leaders know that they won’t have a happy and motivated team unless they themselves exhibit a positive attitude. This can be done by remaining positive when things go wrong and by creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the workplace.

2 Display an air of confidence.

All great leaders have to exhibit an air of confidence if they’re going to succeed. Please don’t confuse this with self-satisfaction and arrogance.

3 Have a sense of humour.

It’s imperative for any kind of leader to have a sense of humour, particularly when things go wrong. Because they will.

4 Great leaders embrace and manage failures and setbacks.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, failures will happen; that’s okay. You just need to know how to deal with them.
Great leaders take them in strides. They remain calm and logically think through the situation and utilise their resources.

5 Great leaders don’t communicate to give commands, they listen and give feedback.

This is far more complex than it actually sounds. Good communication skills are essential for a great leader. You may very well understand the cave of crazy that is your brain, but that doesn’t mean that you can adequately take the ideas out of it and explain them to someone else.
The best leaders need to be able to communicate clearly with the people around them. They also need to be able to interpret other people properly and not take what they say personally.

6 Know how and when to delegate.

No matter how much you might want to or try too, you can’t possibly do everything yourself. Even if you could, in a team environment that would be a terrible idea anyway.
Delegation does more than simply alleviate their own stress levels. Delegating to others shows that you have confidence in their abilities, which subsequently results in higher morale in the workplace, as well as loyalty from your staff. They want to feel appreciated and trusted.

7 Great leaders help people around them grow.

Any good leader knows how important it is to develop the skills of those around them. The best can recognise those skills early on. Not only will development make work easier as they improve and grow, it will also foster morale. In addition, they may develop some skills that you don’t possess that will be beneficial to the workplace.

8 Take responsibility and don’t blame team members.

Great leaders know that when it comes to their company, workplace or whatever situation they’re in, they need to take personal responsibility for failure. How can they expect employees to hold themselves accountable if they themselves don’t?
The best leaders don’t make excuses; they take the blame and then work out how to fix the problem as soon as possible. This proves that they’re trustworthy and possess integrity.

9 Make decisions using lessons learned.

It is a sure bet that all great leaders will have to enter unchartered waters at some point during their career. Because of this, they have to be able to trust their intuition and draw on past experiences to guide them.

Commit to doing your best and lead by example.

Great leaders stick to their commitments and promises, and they are the most committed and hard working ones on the job. All great leaders lead by example.
Why should your staff and team members give it their all if you don’t bother to? By proving your own commitment, great leaders will inspire others to do the same, as well as earn their respect and instill a good work ethic.
Justin Smith-Essex

About the Author:
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group Managing Director & one of the co-founders of Ted Learning. He is a very experienced trainer, facilitator and qualified teacher, having completed his PGCE Teaching Degree at the University of Greenwich. He specialises in designing and delivering training in customer service, equality and diversity, management fundamentals, team building & presentation skills.