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New apprenticeships funding rules are a boost for small business

  • June 16, 2017
Small businesses will receive more support for apprenticeships under new rules which come into effect in May 2017. Instead of paying a full third of the cost of apprenticeships, as per current rules, non-levy paying employers (those who pay bills of under £3M) will pay just 10%, with the Government paying the remaining 90%.
Employers with fewer than 50 staff who deliver apprenticeships to young people 16-18 will no longer receive the £1,500 AGE grant and will instead have their apprenticeships funded in full by the Government.
These significant changes will really help young people from all backgrounds take their first steps into work – and also help small employers recruit young talent into these positions.
But it’s not just young apprentices who’ll benefit from the new rules. Under the new rules, there'll be an increase to 15 funding caps for standards, which means there will be more funding available for the Level 3 Management Trailblazer - up to £5,000 from £4,500.
The new rules also mean that those employers who want to deliver leadership and management apprenticeships to staff who are highly qualified in their technical role (including graduates) will get funding to do so. Individuals will now be able to undertake an apprenticeship at the same level or lower than a qualification they already hold – as long as they ‘acquire substantive new skills and the content of the training is materially different from any prior training or a previous apprenticesh
Justin Smith-Essex

About the Author:
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group Managing Director & one of the co-founders of Ted Learning. He is a very experienced trainer, facilitator and qualified teacher, having completed his PGCE Teaching Degree at the University of Greenwich. He specialises in designing and delivering training in customer service, equality and diversity, management fundamentals, team building & presentation skills.