Andrew Norris
Trainer & Project Manager

Andrew devises and delivers engaging, interactive development programmes for ted Learning. He has a background of working as Professional Role Player & trainer and brings a unique, creative insight into learning and development solutions.
“People may forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel” Andrew feels this quote fits perfectly with the ted Learning ethos. This is why all of the courses Andrew is involved with at ted Learning have a very strong experiential element to them; to embed learning not just on the training day but long afterwards as well.
Andrew has supported many of the management programmes at ted Learning through engaging, realistic role play with detailed feedback on how the team can improve going forward.

 Research suggests that if a person experiences something rather than being told, then they are much more likely to remember. This is why the experiential approach at ted Learning is so valuable and why more and more businesses are using theatre based learning to deliver their key messages and to train their people.   -   Andrew Norris Trainer & Project Manager