Clare Samuels
Lead Actor & Trainer

Clare is the Lead Actor & Trainer at ted Learning.
Her passion, enthusiasm, love of learning and development are in abundance and this is very apparent when one meets her. She is a very strong believer in the philosophy that we can all learn positively from every human interaction that we experience.
“There is no end to being educated and no end to learning. I strongly believe we should enjoy education, in all its forms, from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Learning can only serve to help us progress in our daily lives and move us forward as wiser people.”

Clare has spent 20 years as an actor, presenter, trainer and facilitator working in a huge number of organisations and varied industries. Having trained professionally at Drama School in Birmingham, attained her degree at the City of London University and spent much time filming on the East Coast of America, she is delighted to currently be based in beautiful Buckinghamshire.

A great deal of her time with ted is spent understanding the DNA of client organisations - discovering what it feels like to work there, what the culture is and how people, working at all levels, interact with one another. These perceptive observations are then built into unique theatre-based scenarios which reflect the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the delegates to whom we deliver the training.

Clare is fascinated by people, by what drives individuals and ultimately by what makes them tick. Her other passion is comedy. Without doubt, Clare ensures that there will be some fun to be had within the learning environment!

Clare is part of delivery of our ted courses including Inclusion & Diversity, High Quality Communication, Performance Management, Difficult Conversations, Conflict Management, Customer Service and Giving and Receiving Feedback. She also supports the delivery of conferences working closely with the client to ensure that we deliver a fun, engaging and memorable experience.

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There are many wonderful things about life with ted,” Clare says, including having Justin as a business partner. Every day we motivate and inspire one another, never forgetting to have enjoyment and pleasure along the way. Clare Samuels

What our clients say about us

Our training is observational and participative, using teams of actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviors. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

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