Roxy Hooton
Training Manager

Roxy is the Training Manager at ted Learning and a fundamental part of our team ensuring that our delivery is tailored to the clients needs and is ‘on-brand’.
With a background in fashion retail management and learning & development, she has been managing teams and designing &delivering skills-based learning for over 17 years. As a qualified adult education tutor,she also works with teachers as a coach and mentor.

Delivering courses around performance management, people development and management fundamentals, in addition to ILM accredited sessions and train the trainer, Roxy says she really loves training for ted Learning because courses always give real take-aways that delegates can use in their roles – “I love that our training has practical applications that make sense – tools and techniques which help people manage and develop themselves and their teams more effectively.

It’s great to see delegates at the end of a session being able to clearly identify how they can use what they’ve learnt.”

When she’s not working, Roxy can usually be found either walking in the countryside or sweating it out in a hot yoga studio, both activities that create time for internal space and reflection “We spend too much time rushing around,” she says – “sometimes it’s important just to stop and breathe!”

What our clients say about us

Our training is observational and participative, using teams of actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviors. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

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