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Old Mutual Wealth

The Client | Old Mutual Wealth

Old Mutual Wealth is the leading wealth management business in the UK and internationally, helping to create prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow. Old Mutual Wealth is part of Old Mutual plc a FTSE 100 group that provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance. Old Mutual is trusted by more than 18.9 million customers across the world and has a total of £303.8 billion assets under management (as at 31 December 2015).
Old Mutual Wealth

The Brief | Old Mutual Wealth

ted Learning have been working with Old Mutual Wealth at their offices in Southampton, the Isle of Man and Central London on several programmes.
We were initially engaged to deliver an assessment centre session to the Customer Service Centre and an interview skills session. This evolved into several sessions for different parts of the business and training over 100 Managers on how to recruit for fixed term contracts as opposed to purely permanent staff.

We have now rolled out this training to Managers on the Isle of Man on how to conduct Assessment Centres and working with Quilter Cheviot in Central London on Presentation Skills. We are currently working with the business to develop a programme for Investment Managers.

For all of the courses we have delivered, we have spent time in the business conducting our DNA days, observing how the business currently recruited and delivered an assessment centre experience and talked to candidates on their experience. From this, we were able to design a programme that met the business and candidate needs.

We created the fictitious business of ted energy and delivered the assessment centre and interview training experience back to the staff members attending the training so they could be on the receiving end of what their own candidates experienced.

This enabled the learners to identify what worked well, what needed to be changed and to agree what the experience should look like moving forward to attract the best talent into their business.

Satisfaction Ratings | Old Mutual Wealth

Feedback from our delegates and clients is what drives our business. We actively seek out what went well and areas where we could improve to make the experience even better next time around.

93 Use of Actors

88 Skills Acquired

94 Exceeded Objectives

98 Overall Satisfaction

WHY ted Learning?

Our training is observational and participative, using teams of actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviors. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

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