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Blooming lovely customer service heroes

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Jamie Simes is a Senior Customer Delight Associate at our lovely client Bloom & Wild. Jamie reflects on how the company supported their customer service heroes, and customers, over the last 18 months.

Here at Bloom & Wild, like everybody else, the past year or so threw us some big new challenges to face as a company and as a Customer Delight team. Increased demand was married with an even greater importance for each and every delivery being made, meaning any issues which arose were amplified tenfold and we had to adapt to this ‘new world’ of service we found ourselves in. With the increased anxiety and uncertainty that our customers (and our team!) found ourselves in, we found that we could offer some normality and reassurance in an ever-changing and unpredictable time.

By maintaining our high levels of care, warmth and empathy, we could remain that recognisable and friendly voice that our customers could rely upon and trust to keep them connected with their friends, family and loved ones during a very difficult time. Being in the same position as our customers, our levels of understanding and responsibility towards every bouquet was exponentially heightened. Returning customers knew they could entrust us to right any wrongs, and new customers found a wonderful team of people who were not there simply to serve, but were there to delight.

A level of togetherness developed between our team and customers in a way not quite seen before. Whilst being in difficult circumstances themselves, customers appreciated the difficulties facing businesses and were more accepting of things that may go wrong. These were not viewed by customers as ‘Us vs. Them’ situations but instead were ‘We’re in this together, and we’ll get things sorted’ scenarios. We went out of our way to go even further with our generous resolutions, in a time where things were tough, we made sure to do all we could to make our customers’ experiences as smooth as possible. We championed our customers who were caring wildly for their loved ones, increased our generosity policies for holidays and occasions that would have to be spent apart and through zoom calls, presents in the post and wellbeing rest hours put the team’s best interests at heart. A team that takes great care of itself is a team that can take great care of its customers.

NCSW 2021

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Jamie Simes, Bloom and Wild

Jamie Simes is a Senior Customer Delight Associate at Bloom and Wild

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