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Rebuilding Team Dynamics

Yesterday, I found myself transported back over 20 years: dashing down the escalators whilst switching my radio mic and earpiece on and opening the door shutters to Mango Plc’s flagship store in Oxford Circus…. all courtesy of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” – the first song on the store’s Spring ...

Stop Doing to Get Stuff Done

As some of you might know, I recently took a 17-month-pandemic-delayed trip for a yoga break in Morocco. Wall to wall sunshine, amazing fresh vegan food and 3 yoga classes a day worked their magic pretty quickly. My second night there I slept for a full 12 hours (unheard of ...

Having a brave conversation

Teenage Drinking. There’s always that first time. The one where drinks are mixed and consumed at breakneck speed in large quantities with messy results. We’ve all been there, probably more than once. So last year when my then 15 year old step-daughter’s friend called us, emotionally reporting her vomity, semi-conscious ...
Hybrid Teams

Leading your Hybrid Team

The events of the last year have according to all experts and many businesses, changed the way we will be working forever. The mass return to the office will not be happening and instead, a more hybrid way of working will continue, or in fact start, given millions of people ...
Cycle to work

Cycling to Work Blog

‘How Does an ESFP Get the Best From Their Day?’ What the heck has four letters got to do with getting the best out of your day? Are you a little bit cynical about the whole MBTI thing? Do you come out in a rash or cold sweat at the thought of having ...

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