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Customer Service Week

Creating customer personas – meet Brian

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Ah, lovely customers… and not so lovely customers, where would we be without them eh? Wouldn’t it be great to just pluck them off the street to help with customer service staff training?
At ted Learning, we create customer personas for our training courses that are based on real life customers and real-life conversations. We listen to phone calls, live chats and emails. Sometimes we even get to speak with them too!

Then, we put all of this together to help us build a character for our actors – we create a back-story for them too; where they work, home life, what they wear and how they are feeling. This helps our talented acting team bring the characters to life.
One of our most recent creations is Brian. Here is is! Looks a bit grumpy doesn’t he?

Customer Service Week

Brian was integral is helping a global sport betting and gambling company that wanted to invest in customer service skills and capabilities training for their teams. We designed a virtual training programme that equipped the agents with the skills, behaviours and techniques they needed to create a great, and sustainable, customer experience.

Our creation, Brian, is not a happy customer (can you tell)? Brian works in construction, he lives with his wife and two kids and they’re comfortable financially. On his day off he likes a bet to relax and although he’s quite new to online betting and hasn’t got the result he expected.

Now you’ve read Brian’s backstory, what do you think he’s going to be like? Well, if you don’t mind some fruity language (and I mean fruity!), you can meet him here:

In the training programme, the delegates met Brian by video and also had him live so they had an opportunity for skills practice.

And since then, Brian has taken a life of his own… agents talk about Brian in the office and have said they often think about how Brian would react when they’re speaking with customers. “What would Brian do?” has become company shorthand!

Here at ted Learning, we don’t pull customers off the street to help deliver training – but we do create engaging (and sometimes grumpy!) characters who help bring customers to life.

customer excellence.
This course examines how to manage customer expectations, how to deal with situations when things don't go according to plan and how to deal with any conflict situations that might arise.
NCSW 2021

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