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December Newsletter

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Welcome to our last newsletter of 2023.
Firstly, whatever your religion or beliefs, and whether this means you celebrate Christmas or not, on behalf of the entire ted Learning team, we wish you a wonderful break over the festive period and continued good health and success in 2024.

Every year in December, we invite the entire ted Learning team to nominate a charity of their choice and we make a donation on their behalf to each of these deserving organisations. We call it our “12 days before Christmas”, and this is actually also our 12th consecutive year of doing this. All we ask of our team is they select a charity that has a personal connection to them or is something they care about passionately.

This year’s selections are from our UK and Philippines based team and include DOTS supporting dogs on the streets with homeless people and providing essential veterinary care, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Thrive which uses gardening to help positive changes for those who are vulnerable, isolated or with disabilities, Robes, who help relieve poverty amongst those experiencing homelessness, Simon on the Streets, an independent charity in West Yorkshire helping the homeless and vulnerable, Buxton Mountain Rescue who help with locating missing and vulnerable people, and the Tuloy Foundation which offers a lifeline to street children. You can see videos from each of our team telling their story and the reasons for their choice each day in the 12 days before Christmas Day.

ted Learning has been extremely busy since our last newsletter continuing to support organisations becoming more inclusive cultures and enabling people to be their authentic selves each and every day at work.

We are proud to have launched our brand-new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion product, which is available for delivery in the room, virtually and as a pure digital course on a per licence basis. This course is based on real lived experiences for each of the 9 protected characteristics and features a suite of new drama-based scenes. We would be delighted to discuss this course and how we can tailor it to your organisation.

Linked to this, we have recorded a series of podcasts on lived experiences, covering physical disability with Simon and Dave from the Spinal Injuries Association, Race with Dani and Leon (two of our ted Learning actors) around being black in the UK and Black History Month, Ben (an award winning author and speaker) about being non-binary and transgender and Justine and Chris (giving an education and work perspective) around neurodiversity. You can access all these podcasts here podcasts.

In our client case study this month, we talk about our ILM Recognised programme called First Steps into Team Leading which we are delivering to our lovely client Sargent Disc.

We are proud to have worked with over 40 organisations based around the world in 2023 to deliver our experiential drama-based approach to learning. We believe, that by creating an engaging and fun environment, the learning is stickier and gives a better return on your investment. People tend to remember experiencing something more than just hearing about it or seeing it, so talk to ted about how we can ensure your learning and development plans for 2024 are sticky and remembered! We would love to welcome you to the expanding ted Learning client family.

Justin Smith Essex - ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group MD of Squaricle Group & one of the co-founders & Managing Director of ted Learning.