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leadership and management training .

ted Learning is delighted to partner with the ilm to deliver a series of Management & Leadership programmes. We offer both accredited and endorsed programmes giving flexibility around the way the workshops and assessment are delivered.

All of our programmes feature a blended learning approach of expert trainers with theory and discussion combined with theatre based learning where you get the chance to watch our actors in action and learn through observation. We take a dramatically different approach to many other ilm Providers by also achieving some of the assignments through practical assessment – this can be done via conducting an interview rather than just writing about it, with one of our actors playing the role of the candidate, for example.

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ilm Level 2 certificate in team Leading


This ilm programme is for Team Leaders wanting to gain a formal business qualification and the foundations of how to manage their team. It is offered at Certificate level.

We cover a number of key management modules to better equip you in managing, inspiring, challenging and engaging your team. This is ideally suited for those in their first management role or where the business wishes to equip individuals with the necessary management skills prior to being promoted into their first management role.

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ilm Level 3 Leadership & Management


The ilm Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management are ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training and want to develop their abilities.

The course can be delivered in 6-18 months depending on the level required and combines interactive theory based workshops with practical theatre based experiences using our experienced team of actors to bring management subjects to life.

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Level 4 ILM - ted Learning


The ilm Level 4 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management is designed ideally for managers who have a management team reporting into them.

This programme is best delivered at Certificate and Diploma level over a period of 12-18 months. It combines expert trainers with extensive management and leadership experience alongside practical workshops enabling an opportunity to put theory into practice. Mindful of how busy Leaders are, we focus on a blend of how we assess the learning through assignments and practice sessions.

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First Steps into Management

ILM Endorsed - First Steps into Management

Frequently, we see organisations suffering from the case of the 'Accidental Manager' - where individuals are promoted to a position with line management responsibility due to their technical skills, without being given the people skills to manage others. This programme aims to banish the accidental manager and has been endorsed by the ILM as a high quality training programme.

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ilm first steps into team leading

ILM endorsed - First Steps into Team Leading

This ilm Endorsed Programme is made up of 3 workshops and is designed as an introduction to new team leaders needing essential skills to hit the road running and manage their first team effectively. This can then lead to more formal management training.

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ILM Endorsed Coaching

ILM Endorsed - First Steps into Coaching

This ilm Endorsed Coaching Programme is built around 3 workshops that develop Managers to move from tell to coach.

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Internationally recognised management training qualifications from the ilm.

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

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Our more frequently asked questions about the ILM accredited and ILM endorsed courses.

01.What is an ILM accredited course?
ILM qualifications start at Level 2 (ideal for team leaders) and go up to Level 7 (suited to senior leaders, such as a CEO). Qualification structure varies but most can be achieved at Award, Certificate or Diploma status depending on the amount of credits gained at that level. Qualification levels are set by the regulatory frameworks. They broadly equate to levels of management position. They also indicate a qualification’s level of complexity. ILM offers qualifications from Level 2, ideal for new or aspiring team leaders, to Level 7, suited to CEO-level senior management. As you go up the levels, the qualifications demand more complex, comprehensive skills and knowledge.
02.What is an ILM endorsed programme?
ILM's Endorsed and Development programmes add value to our training by providing industry wide recognition from the ILM, without altering the programme content or delivery. These are in addition to the ILM Awards and Certificates which have mandatory units to complete. We offer a number of Endorsed programmes and can work with clients to develop programmes or a series of workshops to be Endorsed. This gives the workshops additional kudos by knowing they are delivered to ILM standards.
03.who are the ILM?
‘ILM’ is not an abbreviation but is the full official name for the accreditation body, which is part of the City & Guilds Group. It is known as a City & Guilds Group business and is the UK’s leading provider of leadership qualifications.
04.Who is The Institute of Leadership & Management?
The Institute of Leadership & Management is the official name for the membership entity. It is a specialist membership organisation that focuses on raising the professional standards of leaders and managers and is the ILM’s strategic partner.

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