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Hello and welcome to the June newsletter from ted Learning.
As we enter the summer months, Learning & Development can often take a bit of a back seat as holiday season approaches and we find many of our clients feel it’s a time to pause face to face learning, concerned that group sizes won’t be there.
We also deliver more and more to global clients with one client recently telling us that their country pretty much shuts down in July so not to expect a response until August.

Keen to keep Learning & Development on the agenda,  we are designing and delivering more bite size content now.  Alongside this we have an ever-expanding digital library, so learning can still be consumed using our experiential drama-based approach even if the face to face group sizes aren’t there.  We are also taking a more blended approach to our delivery, asking learners to do some work before they attend the course so we can use the time with them more efficiently.

I recently had my family over from New Zealand and got to spend an entire month with my 15-year-old niece and nephews aged 13, 9 and 4.  Watching how they consume information was fascinating and the next cultural and learning challenge we will face when they come into the workplace.  Wanting the learning to be quick, immediate, on demand and not long.  I was intrigued as they watched other people learning things and felt they were learning like this too.  We will need to evolve content even more and ensure the next generation of employees have access to the content they want quickly, whilst also selling them the benefits of slightly longer learning interactions than just TikTok.

One of our new clients, the retail brand OFFICE has commissioned ted Learning to develop from scratch a new customer experience digital programme to support their employees in creating a really positive experience.  We have been challenged to make some of the modules TikTok style and length to engage the vast majority of their employee base so the change in learning habits is with us now.

Finally, I am pleased to confirm a partnership with the University of Bath around making workplace cultures more inclusive.  We will be working with them on conducting a piece of research to understand the what’s in it for me (WIIFM) for the workplace culture now and look forward to publishing this later this year, early next year.  At the heart of what we do is helping people understand other peoples lived experiences so they can be more inclusive, empathetic, and supportive.

We would be delighted to book a ted chat and discuss any specific needs you have or just listen to your workplace experiences that we can feed into our training to help more people be better versions of themselves.

Justin Smith Essex - ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group MD of Squaricle Group & one of the co-founders & Managing Director of ted Learning.