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Leading your Hybrid Team.

The ted Learning version of Managing Remote Workers, this course is ideal for anyone who manages a home / field/ multiple location based team.

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Managing Remote Workers - ted Learning

LET'S TALK ABOUT Leading your Hybrid Team

This virtual drama based workshop will explore the skills, tools, and techniques needed to effectively lead and support remote teams.

Using drama, we bring challenges and concerns to life to become a competent and confident high performing hybrid team.

Working with our expert facilitator, participants will get the opportunity to work with our actors, laying the foundations for an effective and collaborative team that is based on mutual trust and respect, achieving individual and organisational goals.


why come on the course?

Do you require a better understanding of how to engage your remotely based team?

Has your team locations changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and are now based in several places, which is different to the past?

Do you want to know how to create a collaborative team that works as one team despite location?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is definitely for you.


What is it?

An interactive workshop delivered by our expert management trainer. We’ll explore theory and practical tools around team dynamics and teamworking in hybrid scenarios, look at which communication skills are particularly important and how they’re affected by remote working, and identify how you can use technology to support your team


What will I do on the day?

Through practical group and individual activities and discussion, this workshop will give you a variety of tools and techniques that enable you to motivate, engage and lead your hybrid teams successfully to achieve both individual and organisational goals.

embedding the learning.

This course will give managers practical tips on how to manage a remote and diverse team. Using both management techniques that create team harmony and cohesion, combined with understanding the role of technology in managing workload and relationships. These tools will enable anyone attending to leave with immediate steps that can be utilised back in the workplace.

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Managing Remote Workers - ted Learning
ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
remote working

Learning Outcomes.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how to apply Tuckman's Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing model to meet the challenge of creating a High Performing Hybrid Team
  • Explain how to adapt our communication skills to ensure open, effective interaction with all team members, regardless of location and working patterns.
  • Identify how to engage and motivate individuals in a hybrid team.
  • Recognise how to maintain collaborative working when the team is dispersed across different locations.
  • Identify the leadership responsibilities, including agreeing working hours, building and maintaining mental and physical wellbeing, for the team, creating specific take-away actions to implement back at work

Some faq's about Leading Your Hybrid Teams.

0.1What are the benefits of our Leading Your Hybrid Teams training?
A team that isn't all based in one location presents opportunity and challenges. As more and more people are based working from home, managers need to adopt a different approach to managing a dispersed team to ensure there is collaborative working and a sense of one team. This course looks at how to support remote colleagues and create a sense of harmony. We will discover how to over the challenges of managing a remote team and build on the benefits. We will also explore how to build trust when the team isn't all based in the same location and how create collaboration through the use of technology.
0.2What do you mean by a Hybrid Team?
Managing remote workers is a challenge enough in itself - a hybrid team is one made up of split teams based in different locations than planned because of the Covid19 measures in place. A team that was once all based in the office, may now be split between furlough, working from home, some in the office, some social distancing measures in place etc. This is a new challenge for managers and our course is designed to support them lead a team structured in a very different way for the new normal.

video showcase.

Discussing and learning in the traditional ‘class-room’ is effective, but long-term memory is better stimulated by having an experience. Our approach using experiential and drama based methods delivers this and leads to more sustained learning.

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Learn more about how we deliver this training course.

    theatre of learning delivering sustained blended learning.

    Our training is observational and participative, using teams of actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviors. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

    ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
    ted Learning - blended courses
    ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
    ted Learning - blended courses

    sustain and maintain learning.

    All our learners have full access to our ted learning HUB – our bespoke platform that enables all learners to continue the engagement with the trainer and actors, see latest case-studies and blogs from the ted learning team and engage with other learners, discussing their own challenges and successes.

    Desktop, mobile, or tablet - the ted HuB engages learners with training accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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