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Leading your Hybrid Team.

This suite of sessions are for anyone managing and leading a hybrid or agile / home / field / multiple location based team. Choose a focused single session, pick and mix different topics needed for your business, or complete the whole programme for an in-depth, skills-based holistic solution.

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Managing Remote Workers - ted Learning

LET'S TALK ABOUT Leading your Hybrid Team

Whilst the move to hybrid and more flexible working had already begun, the pandemic accelerated this trend and neither organisations, nor their people are the same as they were before we all locked down for that first time.

As restrictions eased, many businesses have evolved into a new era where employees now work more flexibly than ever before, be that in terms of locations and / or work patterns. Most organisations have worked through the initial hybrid working conversations with individuals and have a model in place.

New questions are now emerging: How do managers cater to these different individual preferences? How do they manage performance effectively when their team are disparate? How do they ensure hybrid meetings are effective? How should they recruit?

These leadership and management challenges always existed, however skills now need an upgrade to overcome these in a hybrid working world.

We also offer another, complimenting suite of sessions: Working in a Hybrid Team, supporting all levels of employees with the skills and behaviours they need to work effectively in a hybrid environment.


why come on the course?

If you’re leading a team based in different locations, or perhaps splitting their time between home & office, or who have varied work patterns, it can be challenging to maintain healthy team dynamics and collaboration, support individual professional development, manage performance and make sure everyone doesn’t become overwhelmed by yet another pointless video meeting.

Leading Your Hybrid Team offers a selection of topics that all support managers to focus on the shift in skillset needed to lead teams effectively in a hybrid working context. Each session gives practical tools, skills and techniques and is available as a stand-alone workshop, so you can choose to focus on the solutions your business needs, or alternatively, you can take all sessions as an in-depth programme.


What is it?

Whilst many businesses and their employees have now made the logistical shift to hybrid-working, the skills shift in how to lead in this new environment requires intentionality and focus. Leading Your Hybrid Team provides a suite of dramatically different, engaging and fun sessions addressing the key areas presenting challenges for managers and leaders in a hybrid working context. Choose one, several or all of the interactive sessions to gain practical skills, tools and techniques that enable thriving hybrid teams:
o Understanding & managing individual preferences in your Hybrid Team
o Having effective Hybrid Meetings
o Managing Performance in a Hybrid Team
o Managing Hybrid Team Dynamics
o Employee engagement in a Hybrid Working environment
o Recruiting for a Hybrid Working environment
o Onboarding in a Hybrid Working environment
o Managing Inclusion & Diversity in a Hybrid Working Environment


What will I do on the day?

The outcomes for each topic are different, but all Leading Your Hybrid Team sessions use drama-based learning to bring challenges to life, and explore solutions through discussion and practical activities. Learners will take-away techniques and best practice to apply with their teams in their day-to-day roles.

embedding the learning.

Leading Your Hybrid Team sessions all involve drama-based learning and interactivity. Working with our actors, challenges and scenarios are brought to life, allowing exploration of solutions in a safe environment. This experiential approach, along with discussion and sharing of ideas, creates a memorable learning experience which learners can immediately apply to their own work context.

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Managing Remote Workers - ted Learning
ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
remote working

Learning Outcomes.

Specific outcomes apply to each topic (please see our download for more detailed information) however on completing one of more sessions in our Leading Your Hybrid Team suite, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise their hybrid working challenges and why these need to be addressed
  • Identify how to flex their own approach, preferences and behaviours in different situations to support their hybrid working team.
  • Describe how leading with intentionality and focus in their hybrid work context will support effective solutions.

Some faq's about Leading Your Hybrid Teams.

0.1What are the benefits of our Leading Your Hybrid Teams training?
All the topics in Leading Your Hybrid Team use drama-based learning to showcase different challenges and scenarios. By bringing these to life, we’re able to explore the impact of a variety of approaches and techniques, bringing a practical application to the theory. By supporting managers with the skills upgrade needed to lead in a hybrid-working context, your organisation can move forwards successfully, embracing the new ways of working.
0.2How many of the topics do we have to do?
You can choose a single session, or you can pick & mix more than one, or if you’d like an in-depth holistic solution, you can do all the sessions as a programme. You might also want to compliment the Leading Your Hybrid Team sessions with some from our Working In A Hybrid Team suite. It’s about what’s right for your business and the challenges you’re facing. If you’re not sure which sessions would suit your needs best, we’d be more than happy to discuss things further with you, so do get in touch!

video showcase.

Discussing and learning in the traditional ‘class-room’ is effective, but long-term memory is better stimulated by having an experience. Our approach using experiential and drama based methods delivers this and leads to more sustained learning.

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    Our training is observational and participative, using teams of actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviors. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

    ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
    ted Learning - blended courses
    ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
    ted Learning - blended courses

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    All our learners have full access to our ted learning HUB – our bespoke platform that enables all learners to continue the engagement with the trainer and actors, see latest case-studies and blogs from the ted learning team and engage with other learners, discussing their own challenges and successes.

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