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Welcome to our May ted Learning newsletter.  Finally, some sunshine seems to be coming through.  I hope all of our readers have enjoyed the numerous bank holidays this month, it was odd having to work a few Mondays this month!
The 4-day working week continues to be in discussion with high success for those organisations and companies that have tested it and continue to trial it reporting a huge improvement in work/life balance, less sickness in the business and improved productivity. It is a position we would love ted Learning to get to in our own business in the future.

This month, we have had mental health awareness week which ted Learning has supported with a series of short videos containing ideas to boost wellbeing along with our latest podcast speaking to Claire Morton and Jules Kelly who support organisations and individuals in wellbeing and have had some amazing success stories.  Both suffered burn out in their corporate careers which led to a complete change in their approach, and I highly recommend a listen!

I like many struggle at times to balance work and rest.  Being connected 24/7 and working with global clients in different time zones does make it challenging to switch off.  One of the key messages I have taken from the focus on wellbeing, the podcast and reading lots over this month about wellbeing is we have to be committed to ourselves to switch off.  We never know what life is going to throw at us, what challenges or opportunities are ahead, and our physical and mental wellbeing is so important to having success at work and home.  I know I will be looking at improving my own wellbeing as summer approaches and enjoying some outdoor time to top up with some well deserved vitamin D!

ted Learning has been super busy developing more new products for our clients.  We are developing a lot of video-based content, using our engaging drama based approach to support several global clients in onboarding new colleagues or training their existing staff.

We continue to see learning being consumed differently and more bite-size and are excited to be working with new retail clients who have given us the brief to deliver our drama based learning in a TikTok style!  Watch this space!

We remain continue to create really bespoke courses and would be delighted to chat face to face or over a virtual brew to understand your specific needs!

Justin Smith Essex - ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Justin Smith-Essex

Justin is the Group MD of Squaricle Group & one of the co-founders & Managing Director of ted Learning.