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Blooming lovely customer service heroes

Jamie Simes is a Senior Customer Delight Associate at our lovely client Bloom & Wild. Jamie reflects on how the company supported their customer service heroes, and customers, over the last 18 months. Here at Bloom & Wild, like everybody else, the past year or so threw us some big new ...
customer in my home

Welcoming the customer into my home

Lucy White, a Customer Delight Manager at our fabulous client Bloom & Wild, reflects on the changing world of work and welcoming the customer into her home. "Good afternoon and welcome to my bedroom. How can I help you today?" When Covid struck I, along with many other city dwellers, fled to ...
Customer Service Week

Creating customer personas – meet Brian

Ah, lovely customers... and not so lovely customers, where would we be without them eh? Wouldn’t it be great to just pluck them off the street to help with customer service staff training? At ted Learning, we create customer personas for our training courses that are based on real life customers ...
National Customer Service Week

The Modern Customer Service Toolkit

Customer Service. It is one of those curious job titles which doesn’t actually refer to the person doing the job. A manager... manages, a director... directs, the clue is very much in the job title. With Customer Service it’s different. It’s all about someone else, it’s all about the customer. It ...

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