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At ted Learning we always follow these 5 steps when working with any client, whether existing or new. This is how we create and deliver dramatically different, engaging and fun experiential learning and ensure a consistent approach to each product we deliver. Everything we do is bespoke to our client and learner needs. The best feedback we get is when learners say they felt we “got their business/organisation”.

step 1 - ted learning


Prior to any theatre based training taking place, we spend time in your business to understand & experience your culture, industry & internal processes. We get to know your people, understand their skills and behaviours & work with you to discover what the specific outcomes need to be as a direct result of the training. We call this our DNA time.


We then create a bespoke experiential training programme for your people which is 100% relevant to them and their needs, and delivers your overall business goals and objectives. We don’t do off the shelf – all of our products are created around a defined template to meet your individual business requirements.

Step 3 ted Learning


The next step is to experience our training. Our dramatically different, engaging and fun drama based training can be observational or participative which means the learners can observe or participate in the day with our actors, whichever suits their learning style best. We can also provide a blended approach with engagement pre/post the classroom based session and a fully digital offer.

Step 4 ted Learning

How was it?

Each learner has the opportunity to feedback on their learning experience. Our trainers collate this immediately after each session and let us know their feedback on the day as well. We will then recommend how our training can be embedded into your business. We also use this to constantly learn and improve our products and to celebrate our successes.

step 5 ted learning

What's next?

In order to sustain any training we deliver, ted Learning doesn’t want to just drop in, deliver great sessions & leave. We want to embed the learning into your organisation so that it is more likely to be long-term and lead to lasting changes. We therefore offer blended learning and digital learning as a way to extend past any classroom based sessions so that can we continue to support, add value and deliver the return on investment.

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Individuals create the culture of your organisation, ted Learning's drama based experiential courses create a fun and safe learning environment which inspires people to think and act differently.

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