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Introduction to presenting

ted’s Back in the Room

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

“Hi Patrick, it’s Lynne Hinchliffe from Gamesys. How are you?”

“Hi Lynne, I’m really well, and you?”

“Good thanks, got time to chat?”

“Ah, I’m just about to start setting up for a course I’m running today”

“What are you doing?”

“It’s a Conflict Avoidance Course for a new client of ours, Hull Trains”

“I didn’t know that ted Learning does Conflict Avoidance on Zoom?”

“We do, but this one is in the training room”

“REALLY?? WOW, that’s FANTASTIC! This is exciting news, how great to be back in the room”

“Absolutely, ted’s BACK IN THE ROOM!!!”

For eight years the team at ted Learning had been delivering Dramatically Different, Engaging, and Fun learning in the training room. Bringing learning to life

March 2020, and that all stopped.

How can we deliver our particular brand of learning when we can’t be together in the room?

For us, lockdown triggered an explosion of creativity and we’re proud to say that we have worked hard to recreate our unique way of delivering immersive learning experiences in the virtual classroom. Using technology we are now regularly delivering our Dramatically Different, Engaging, and Fun learning across the World, from Birmingham to Boston, Manchester to Manila, and Stoke to Sofia.

Things that we would never have considered possible have become part of our normal day.

“The experience was exciting and not only did we learn lots, and we also got to practice as well. Cath and Martin were great”

Joanne Lim, Customer Service Agent for Entain, Manila

Back here in the UK, Hull Trains are gearing up to return to full service between Hull and London King’s Cross.

Hull Trains asked us to create a Conflict Avoidance Course as the Train Crew return to work.

In less than a month we have designed and delivered ted Learning’s take on How To Diffuse A Potential Conflict Situation and what’s more, it was Back in the Room!

Hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes, face masks, and social distancing may all sound a bit cold and clinical, but none of them stop us from creating a safe and supportive place to learn. Building rapport, trust, and the confidence to do something Dramatically Different.

We might not be able to shake your hand, just yet, but we can still welcome you.

“Enjoyed the experience and in the social distance setting, the course worked very well”.

Steph Young, On-Board Manager for Hull Trains, Hull

Like ted Learning, the crew at Hull Trains have a strong team with a real sense of belonging. A great group of people to work with and from everyone here at ted Learning Group we wish Hull Trains well as you return to full service.

ted Learning we deliver our Dramatically Different, Engaging, and Fun learning in whatever room you’re sitting, no matter where you are in the World.

ted learning - Patrick Holtby - Theatre of Learning drama based training
Patrick Holtby

Patrick has been part of the ted Learning team since soon after the business was formed. He has worked extensively within transport, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in hospitality.