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Individuals create the culture of your organisation, ted Learning’s drama based experiential courses create a fun and safe learning environment which inspire people to think and act differently.

We provide a range of employee training and development courses that are engaging, interactive and informative ensuring you gain the most from our training courses.

All learners, regardless of where and how they experience ted Learning, get free access to our ted HuB – we have lots of additional free content, learning and engagement here to keep the experience alive and embed the learning.

We are back in the training room delivering all of our courses face to face aswell as through our virtual classroom and online digital courses.

Inclusion Diversity & Equality Training ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training


This course is for anybody who interacts and communicates with others in the workplace. This session will help them to understand the role they should play regarding Inclusion, Equality and Diversity and how to create a culture of respect.

We fully utilise our actors to make this session dramatically different, engaging and fun!

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ted Learning - Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills

This advanced version of our presentation skills course is designed for those with existing presentation skills, but wanting to deliver more engaging, more effective presentations. We use actor based techniques to deliver engaging and interesting (confident!) presentations where we explore how we excite the audience, no matter what the subject matter of the presentation is.

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mental health awareness - ted Learning

Mental Health Awareness Training

In the workplace, mental health problems are a leading cause of absence with a staggering 70 million working days lost in the UK, costing businesses a whopping £2.4 billion each year.

Our Theatre Based Learning workshop utilises actors to show some of the scenarios where mental wellbeing might not be appreciated or recognised. We blend theory with practical steps that can be taken to support.

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facilitation skills - ted Learning. Drama Based

Facilitation Skills

This course is for helping to manage meetings more effectively and also for people new to a training/coaching environment. Learning how to create and manage the facilitation process will ensure successful outcomes and gain the commitment of all those involved.

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Emotional Intelligence - ted Learning

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps us make better choices; we can evaluate and respond rather than reacting unconsciously. This course focuses on understanding how emotion affects work performance, relationships in the workplace and the impact it can have on all employees.

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Managing Remote Workers - ted Learning

Leading your Hybrid Team

This course is designed to support leaders and managers in managing a more hybrid way of working. Ensuring teams that are based in the office, home or a hybrid of both are engaged, motivated and connected. We explore how we retain the involvement of all regardless of their working location or pattern.

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Cracking Coaching Skills - ted Learning Theatre Based Learning

Cracking Coaching Skills

Coaching is a sought after skill, which is proven to transform team & business performance and is an effective way of creating a high performing culture in your organisation.

This course enables a move from the ‘tell’ model to coaching and engaging teams which will help to drive success. We use actors to give delegates the chance to understand the impact that 'tell' can have and how coaching can be so much more engaging.

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influencing Skills - ted Learning

How to influence

The ability to persuade and influence is one of those key skills that we use everyday both inside & outside of work. We all have our preferred approaches.
Designed for teams with a non-sales focus, we explore the art of influencing and identify techniques to drive your own personal success. This course provides an understanding of the dynamics of influencing people, expanding your sphere of influence and negotiating.

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Managing Conflict

Resolving Conflict

Conflict can occur within any organisation and from time to time, you may have to deal with a colleague, employee, customer or client who is very upset.

This course uses a theatre based approach to show how conflict can occur and gives both practical and theoretical approaches to manage the situation. Our actors will demonstrate these methods in a safe observing environment.

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Sales Negotiation Skills - ted Learning

Sales Negotiation Skills

Designed for teams with a sales focus, we help examine the win-win solution for you and your customer by examining the art of negotiation and how to close the sale.

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Customer Service - Customer Excellence Training

Customer Excellence

Let ted Learning inspire you to think about the customer service you provide and learn how to apply best practice techniques to develop and support long-lasting customer service relationships.

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Brave Conversations - Difficult Conversations - Giving Feedback

Brave Conversations

This full day, interactive workshop is designed to help managers to develop their communication skills to feel more confident at handling difficult conversations effectively to achieve positive outcomes

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
ted Learning - team working skills

team working skills

Our team working skills course helps recognise the value of teamwork and individuals contribution to being part of a successful team.

This course is highly practical and uses our actors to support the delivery.

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Interview Skills - Recruitment - ted Learning

Interview Skills

Recruiting the best talent can be challenging – from ensuring the interview process is fair and legal to making sure we ask the best possible questions to get the maximum amount of information out of the candidate. This theatre based course ensures a positive candidate experience, with Managers better equipped to make decisions.

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Train the Trainer - ted Learning

being a great trainer

This full day, interactive theatre-based learning course is designed to develop and refresh the professional trainer's ability to run exciting and effective training sessions.

Training professionals spend a substantial proportion of their time focusing on others – this session gives you some ‘me time’ to focus on best practice and share skills.

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training
Mental Health Training ted Learning Theatre of Learning Drama based training

mental health awareness - your role as a leader

This 3 hour workshop is designed for managers and leaders who are responsible for others. Our Mental Health Awareness session must be attended first – we can deliver the two sessions together as a one day workshop if preferred

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managing performance

managing performance

This full-day, theatre-based learning course enables managers of all levels to continuously manage the performance of their teams, supporting the achievement of business and individual goals.

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Consciously Inclusive Recruiting

This half-day workshop is designed for anyone with responsibility for recruitment. It can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop for more experienced recruiters, or as an addition to our interview skills session for people newer to recruiting.

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

Rebuilding Team Dynamics

This course delivered via our virtual theatre of learning in four bite-sized sessions will give managers easy to understand advice to equip them with the tools to rebuild post covid-19 teams

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Back from Furlough: Still at Home

Back from furlough: still at home

This course delivered via our virtual theatre of learning is designed to support any employee who is making the transition from furlough back to work, but will still be working at home and needs some support on how to change mindset and focus.

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Back from Furlough: Still at Home

Working in a Hybrid Team

This half-day course, delivered via our Virtual Classroom, is for all employees who work, or are preparing to work, in a Hybrid team. This course helps team members explore the opportunities and challenges of this new way of working.

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ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

the anxious conversation

This course delivered via our virtual theatre of learning in four bite-sized sessions will give managers support on how to manage staff anxieties about the return to work in the new normal.

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The Isolated Leader

This course delivered via our virtual theatre of learning is designed to support managers and leaders who are working remotely by bringing elements of their leadership skills and style to the fore and exploring how they may need to adapt to the virtual world.

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Difficult Customer In My Home

The Difficult Customer in My Home

This virtual drama based workshop is facilitator led and helps to raise awareness of the current challenges faced by those colleagues who are working from home and whose primary focus is interacting with customers online and on the phone.

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