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customer in my home

Welcoming the customer into my home

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Lucy White, a Customer Delight Manager at our fabulous client Bloom & Wild, reflects on the changing world of work and welcoming the customer into her home.

“Good afternoon and welcome to my bedroom. How can I help you today?”

When Covid struck I, along with many other city dwellers, fled to the countryside and back into my parent’s house. I hadn’t quite factored in the fact that work would be coming with. I have to say it’s difficult to take yourself seriously as a professional whilst surrounded by the judging eyes of all your childhood teddies.

Navigating an inbox flooded with lockdown driven emails and orders would have been tricky at the best of times. Doing this while sitting alone at the desk you haven’t used since you were fifteen certainly gives it a bit of an edge. You definitely don’t realise how important a part your teammates play in getting you through the day until you’re working remotely. Luckily, once we’d adjusted a bit, we were able to keep in touch throughout the day via messenger and Google hangouts. In a way, we were all forced to try a little harder to stay in touch with each other and support one another along the way. I certainly feel I know my teammates a lot better now than I would ever have done without remote working. The highlight of our team meetings are now when the team cats and dogs make an appearance – we view them as honorary employees. They have spent a year and a half eavesdropping on our conversations after all.

Working remotely has definitely made me appreciate how lucky we are to have so many kind, patient and understanding customers – especially when my mum wants to test the internet by switching it on and off… repeatedly…

NCSW 2021

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Lucy White, Bloom & Wilde

I've been at Bloom & Wild for 4 years - now as a Customer Delight Manager.
When not at work I love to travel and explore new places. I'm also not opposed to the occasional Scooby-Doo related GIF.

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