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the theatre of learning.

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

what is theatre based learning?

Theatre based learning uses actors to bring learning to life – we appeal to the senses of see, hear and feel by creating experiences.

Our training is observational and participative, using teams of our actors to bring it to life. We recognise that taking part in role-play is not for everyone, so we offer observational training – this is where two of our acting team demonstrate scenes related to the course and delegates observe and comment on the behaviours. Where a business is more confident working with actors, we take this to the next level with participative training so delegates get to practice their newly learnt skills.

the ted Learning Difference


Delivering long term results is important to ted Learning, so that you see a real return on your investment. We believe the best way to deliver this is through training that leaves a long-term effect on your employees, appealing to several senses. Not only will your teams SEE and HEAR, they will FEEL: leading to a real & meaningful experience in the training room.

Discussing and learning in the traditional ‘class-room’ is effective, but long-term memory is better stimulated by having an experience. Our approach using experiential and drama based methods delivers this and leads to more sustained learning.

Our actors will demonstrate behaviours so your employees can understand the impact their own behaviours and newly learnt skills can have on others. ted Learning uses a blend of approaches to deliver it's training – face to face, e-learning, interactive practice with actors and theory based.

ted Learning Theatre of Learning drama based training

ted Learning Showcase.

At ted Learning we believe that learning should be fun, engaging and memorable. Here are some examples of our Theatre of Learning in acton.

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